Correlation Between “NON-Right-to-Work” Law & 2-Party-Consent Law

I’ve noticed a correlation between Forced Unionized States, Blue States and Two-Party-Consent-States.

1.  GROUP #1 –  Forced Unionized States = Blue States:

Currently, there are 28 “Non-Right-to-Work-States” (Forced Unionized), and all of them are Blue (democrats).   The question of WHY is rhetorical.  Apparently, these Forced Unionized States (particularly in public sector) are forcibly being used as collection agencies to garnish union dues from government workers.  And these garnishments are reportedly being used by the unions to finance democrat candidates.

2.  Group #2 – Two Party Consent States:

According to AAPS listing, there are 12 “Two-Party-Consent-States”. A “2-Party-Consent-State” requires that all parties must consent to conversations being recorded. Coincidentally ALL  12 “Two-Party-Consent-States” are also blue.  All “2-Party-Consent-States” except for 2 (Florida & Nevada) are forced unionized.  Yep, Florida and Nevada are the odd balls in this group.   I think the Unions that are set up in 2-party-consent states has something to do with this self-serving law.  Lets say, the government union in NY is trying to shake down the city for more money; and tells the worker to not plow snow in front of folks houses.   Obviously, the union boss will NOT consent to being recorded.   So what proof would the worker have that the unlawful order ever occurred.


Florida & Nevada, which are right-to-work states, may turn red (albeit they both are under the 2-party-consent rule).  Florida, unlike Nevada would probably be the 1st to change to a 1-party-consent rule.   Reason being is that Florida is located too close to other red 1-party-consent states that have right-to-work laws.  Also, it may be a challenge for Nevada to dump the 2-party-consent rules due to brothels & gambling activities.   Yep,  Nevada would be in a bind on this one considering that its a right-to-work state.

If the forced unionized states would get rid of the 2-party-consent rule, it may give workers confidence to blow the whistle (with proof) on union bosses.  Also, to get rid of 2-party-consent rule would be closer step to getting “right-to-work” law.

Map of Write to Work Sates by The National Right to Work Committee
Map of Write to Work States
2008 Electoral Map
2008 Electoral Map
One Party Consent States Two Party Consent States
Alabama New Mexico California
Alaska New York Connecticut
Arizona North Carolina Delaware
Arkansas North Dakota Florida
Colorado Ohio Maryland
District of Columbia Oklahoma Massachusetts
Georgia Oregon Nevada (see other statute)
Hawaii Rhode Island (see case law) New Hampshire
Idaho South Carolina (no statute, see case law) Pennsylvania
South Dakota Vermont
Indiana Tennesee Washington
Iowa Texas Illinois
Kansas Utah
Kentucky Virginia
Louisiana West Virginia
Maine Wisconsin (see other statute)
Michigan (see other statute) Wyoming
New Jersey

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14 thoughts on “Correlation Between “NON-Right-to-Work” Law & 2-Party-Consent Law

  1. Good Morning Arlene! Yeah, the Marxists have been busy little bees. And now then are running scared as Gov Walker is not backing down to their Astroturf Protests fraught with under reported bad behavior, and self-serving thuggery. Voters are getting an eyeful and noticing how the Lame Stream Media is skewing their narrative in favor of Marxism.


  2. I am pleased to see your latest post Arlene.

    I love the fact that Americans can finally see the ugliness of unions. As a matter of fact, the only thing uglier is working to day in a union shop. It is only in union shops that workers spend more time spying on their fellow workers to make sure that their fellow employees don’t do anything to undermine the interests/existence of the union.

    The unions, of course, will continue the usual disgusting behavior, espouse continuous lies but they will fail. Americans who only a decade ago would never have said a word against the unions are vocal today. The fear for many is gone and the union’s days are numbered.

    I admire Gov. Walker for standing strong and I expect others to follow.



  3. Hi Arlene.
    I wonder what those maps will look like after the next election.
    I feel that ‘We the People’ are going to speak loudly !

    See you out in the blogosphere Army !


  4. Evil is being unleashed upon the world and now there can be no doubt of that. This is going world wide rapidly and even here in the US we are seeing a groundswell of hate, anger and violence. Seems that even the Earth is in a state of rebellion. No one wants to believe the end times could be upon us and yet one has to wonder.


  5. hi, niko!influencing others in doing bgnilgog, eh? this is good past time, though.anyway, can you teach me some abs workout moves you’ve got there, so i could do some exercise on my abs too?thanks!


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