Oklahoma Republicans Getting Fired Up to Take Democrat seats

With Democrat State Senator Richard Lerblance bowing out of next race, Oklahoma republicans are backing GOP Larry Boggs to win the seat in next election in District 7.

Also, Oklahoma republicans are just down right excited about their slate of GOP candidates to take democrat Dan Boren US Congressional seat (2nd district).

At this Oklahoma GOP event, we watched a televised Oklahoma Congressional debate moderated by Oklahoma’s Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb, in 6 GOP candidates participated.  The 6 GOP candidates aiming to take Democrat Dan Boren seat are:  Dustin Rowe, George Faught, Markwayne Mullin, Wayne Pettigrew, Dakota Woods and Dwayne Thompson.  http://www.georgefaught.com  http://www.mullinforcongress.com   http://www.pettrigrewuscongress.com  http://www.roweforcongress.us  http://www.dwaynethompson.org

This republican event was held in McAlester, Oklahoma in conference room of Angel’s Diner on January 31, 2012.  A lot of folks showed up .. it was standing room only!

Person I interviewed for this video is Lonnie Anderson – A GOP coordinator involved in local GOP party.

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Republicans Getting Fired Up to Take Democrat seats

    1. Most incumbent President’s who had a seuiors challenger were hurt in the general election by it. Bush I suffered Pat Buchannan, Carter suffered Ted Kennedy, LBJ suffered so much that he didn’t even run. Truman had a Democratic challenger but he won .but that was a special case since his challenger went on to run a rogue Dixiecrat campaign.I think what your missing is a lot of activity that doesn’t get covered. While Republicans trash each other and blow money against each other and position themselves to the extreme right to one up each other, the incumbent President is quietly raising funds. I think I recall hearing the goal is to have a $1B warchest by the time the general election begins. A second factor to consider is that while Republican donars are being tapped to fund conflicting candidates, the incumbent has the advantage in that everything donated to any Democrat goes to the general election while a portion of Republican dollars will get wasted in the primaries. Keep in mind the campaigns of Nixon in 68 and Eisenhower in 52. In both cases there was no seuiors challenge to them winning the primaries (Eisenhower was given the red carpet by the GOP, most other GOPers were discredited by the Depressionand WWII .Nixon spent his years in the wilderness’ helping other Republicans win election, collecting favors and debts). Likewise Obama was probably hurt a bit by the fact that Hillary didn’t drop out sooner in 2008. While primary battles generate attention and media coverage, in general its better for a party to either have an unchallenged nominee or settle on a candidate quickly with very little blood.


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