(OK-R) Sen. Bercheen Explaining Gun Rights Restriction Bill

Oklahoma GOP State Senator Josh Bercheen explains the concealed carry weapon permit controversy that Democrat Jerry Ellis proposed.  A  lot of Oklahoma gun owners were pissed off over this gun restriction bill.

Ellis had proposed a bill that would do away with all of Oklahoma’s concealed carry reciprocity agreements with other states.  In other words, if you got into a bad situation, you might have a problem defending your very life.  To be blunt the bill would force you to be disarmed!

The interview of GOP Oklahoma state senator Bercheen in the above video took place outside an Oklahoma GOP event held at Angels Diner in McAlester, OK on January 31, 2012.

3 thoughts on “(OK-R) Sen. Bercheen Explaining Gun Rights Restriction Bill

  1. One of the reasons some very pro gun owners are against resiprocity is because of the massive “list” we would all be on. Instead of a State list we would be on a Federal list…an easy place to find everyone who has a gun. if this could be avoided then maybe Mr Ellis would go along with it.


  2. And that’s why there needs to be much stricter rreniqemeuts for gun ownership (never mind whether people should even be able to carry on college campuses); it needs to be at least as strict as having a drivers license, and even that isn’t terribly rigorous (at least, not in the states I’ve lived in).I spent the better part of three hours with my brother rolling our eyes in our CCDW class as only some of the most obvious points of gun law, operation, and ownership were quoted at us (keep the gun pointed away from you, only clean the gun when it’s unloaded, don’t point a gun at someone unless you plan on shooting them, etc.) And the instructor very obviously pointed out the ones that would be on what was laughably called a test at the end of the session. Just because you have a concealed carry permit doesn’t mean you know how to operate the gun you’re using. Listening to some of the participants idiots in our class, it really worried me that many of the people around me would not only legally be able to carry lethal weapons, it would give them the false confidence that a piece of plastic magically made them gun-savvy while not having the slightest bit of understanding about the consequences and responsibilities that the permit carries with it.The only part of my course that was even marginally difficult was having to hit an immobile 3 x5 target at an indoor range ten times from a distance of 7 feet. And that would only have been difficult if I physically had to spit the bullets at the target.


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