Oklahoma GOP Voter Leaning Romney, Says Newt is Dirty

Oklahoma Republican female voter reveals who she may vote for in Oklahoma’s 2nd US Congressional & Presidential election 2012. She’s leaning Dakota Woods & Markwayne Mullin for US congress; but since she had not seen all of the GOP candidates she said she could change her mind. But she did say that her liking for Mullin & Woods was because they seemed strong & forceful.

Voter says she prefers Rick Santorum for President, but since he’s unlikely to win GOP nomination, she said she’d probably vote for Mitt Romney. When asked about Newt, the voter strongly replied he was dirty, a big government progressive & lack morals & character. However, voter felt Mitt was not that conservative, but that she would chose him over Newt based on morals & character.

This interview was on January 31, 2012 in McAlester, OK at a GOP event held at Angel’s Diner.

I plan to do more video polling of Republican voters at forthcoming Oklahoma GOP events so as to get a feel for how GOP voters are leaning.

7 thoughts on “Oklahoma GOP Voter Leaning Romney, Says Newt is Dirty

  1. This will be an interesting primary season to follow. Romney is a liberal Republican courted by the media, and Gingrich has political baggage which will work against him. Many will hold their noses while voting this November.


  2. It’s great that you are getting out there and talking to real people in your area, Arlene. As far as POTUS goes, I’m with this voter. Newt Gingrich is way too BIG GOVERNMENT and I do not trust him at all. While Mitt’s policies may not be very conservative, I believe he has integrity and lives by a moral (conservative) code. Unlike Newt, I don’t think there is any danger of Mitt making rash decisions. Newt, on the other hand, could have us entangled in debacles both domestically and abroad in a heartbeat. He is “my way or the highway” consequences be damned.


    1. Good idea! I’ll reword it, the main prlbeom will be how to figure out to tell her daughter she is a product of rape and keeping the secret that she was raped from coming out (she’d rather have people think she’s easy than have them feel sorry for her). This storyline is just a small part of who this character is (like Ricky in The Secret Life of the American Teenager). This is what is going to happen in the pilot episode. Everybody who has read the script has really liked it, but I’m having trouble putting the monologue on here.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)


    2. I don’t pay much attention to the day-to-day politicking. Could someone please explain to me why some 2-element permutation of Gingrich, Palin, Santorum (a) does not deserve (b) could not win the nomination? And could not win the presidential election? Why is all of this decided beforehand? Money? Newt’s puffy-faced and chubby? Palin’s voice grates? Santorum’s a bit dull? Is the Rebublican so in thrall to the DC establishment that there’s no chance for any of these people to win the nomination. Is the electorate so in thrall to the drive-by media that there’s no chance of any of these three winning the presidential election? Suppose, for argument’s sake that they did not win but that the nomination of one of these people energized the conservative base (which believes in genuine free enterprise, not crony capitalism, and traditional, civilized values) so much that we worked hard to get more Republican Congressmen elected and to take the Senate? Suppose Republicans controlled Congress and Obama sat in the White House and continued to try to govern by decree? Just asking. I know that Sundancecracker, at the very least, has a better handle on day-to-day political realities than I do.


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