“Rent Too Damn High” dude at Oklahoma GOP Convention Running for president as a Democrat?

At Oklahoma GOP convention on May 12, 2012 I met up w/ Jimmy McMillan: “the rent is too damn high” man & asked him about his previously announced candidacy for president. He responded that he’s a registered republican.


Location of this interview was at Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma.

2 thoughts on ““Rent Too Damn High” dude at Oklahoma GOP Convention Running for president as a Democrat?

  1. Is he a republican or a democrat? Is he running for an office or not? Goodness knows, he’s not a good interviewee. You, on the other hand, did a great job trying to pin him down.


  2. … It will cause the southern whetis to remember that in times of trouble, the blacks rioted, raped little girls and also robbed the local Walmarts – so it bests not to elect a black Muslim to the White House.Don’t you think its wonderful for the Republicans that in the week the Democrats choose Obama, Cold war 2 finally starts between the USA/EUROPE AND RUSSIA – The voters are going to flock to McCain to protect them from the evil Russians______________________________________________________________________The rape reports turned out to be untrue and with no water what would you do? Further more why is it that when whetis were reported they were “finding food” for survival. I feel that one day this whole country will experience it’s Katrina moment. Will you survive? RayNLA


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