Sheriff Dept refused to respond to crime calls prompts Kenny Snyder run for Co. Sheriff – Hughes County Oklahoma

Kenny Snyder said he’s running for Hughes County sheriff (Oklahoma) mainly because the sheriff dept has refused to respond when called out on criminal complaints. There has been reports that some county residents have called this sheriff department on criminal complaints, but that the deputies do not show up. Synder said that he has reported this when he was working for the city, but that he was told that Hughes County Sheriff department only responds to emergencies.

Moments earlier prior to my interviewing Snyder after a campaign forum held in Calvin, Kenny Snyder publicly outed the criminal response time failures of the sheriff department. At that forum 2 Hughes county deputy sheriffs (Doug Sipes & Nolen Grizzle) took swipes at Snyder as they both defended their sheriff department as being good responders to all criminal complaints. Out of the 4 candidates running for Hughes county sheriff, Sipes and Grizzle are the only ones who are currently employed by Hughes County Sheriff department.

The names of all candidates for Hughes County sheriff are: Kenny Snyder, Todd Hignite, Nolen Grizzle and Doug Sipes. The current sheriff of Hughes County is Houston Yeager, who is retiring.

This interview was conducted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 – located at Calvin Senior Citizen Center (Calvin Nutrition Center) in Calvin, Oklahoma.

The primary election is June 26, 2012. Run off is August 28, 2012. General election is November 6, 2012.

3 thoughts on “Sheriff Dept refused to respond to crime calls prompts Kenny Snyder run for Co. Sheriff – Hughes County Oklahoma

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  2. Just an update as to how long it’s taking the Cook County sheriff to come out (I was evicted this week). I was able to find out the receipt # of my eviction and the date it was filed. In my case, it took the sheriff 15 weeks to come by and do their duty. I bailed out in the morning, so I was not there. Also, if you want to fight the eviction, there are ways to gum up the works. It took the landlord 9 months to evict me from the time I was served the 5-day notice to the time the sheriff came by. If my attorney had done discovery and a jury trial, I could have got at least another 6 weeks in the apt, but I didn’t have his fee to pay for it. You do what you can when the economy is tough.


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