Oklahoma GOP Larry Boggs Goes on Attacks Against Obama at Debate – McAlester Oklahoma

GOP senate candidate Larry Bogg attacks Obama at debate. Get fierce opposition from audience.
GOP senate candidate Larry Bogg attacks Obama at debate.McAlester, Oklahoma – candidate forum – 10/16/2012

GOP senate candidate Larry Boggs did a throw-down on Obama at candidate forum in McAlester Oklahoma. Boggs & Obama supporters got into argument when he said Obama, if elected will control guns. And that he, as a NRA member will do what ever he can to get Obama out of office. He & his opponent J Paul Lane were given the question what would they do to protect 2nd amendment rights if Obama was re-elected. When he said that Obama would control guns, that’s when matters got intense.

Larry Boggs is the republican nominee seeking election to the Oklahoma Senate District 7 that is being vacated by Richard C. Lerblance (democrat). His opponent is J. Paul Lane, the democratic nominee. Election is November 6, 2012.

This political candidate forum sponsored by McAlester News, in McAlester, Oklahoma. This event was held on Oct 16, 2012 at 6pm at the Kiamichi Center in McAlester. Approximately 200 people attended.

Upset voter at Oklahoma candidate forum reacting to GOP attack on President Obama - McAlester, OK - 10/16/2012
Upset voter at Oklahoma candidate forum reacting to GOP attack on President Obama – McAlester, OK – 10/16/2012

Oklahoma GOP senate candidate Wayne Shaw dont know what 10th amendment is? For real?

Its been reported that Wayne Shaw, the 2012 GOP candidate for Oklahoma senate district 3, does not know what the 10th amendment is, according to Qadoshyah Fish.   Shaw was a no show at the candidate forum in Tahlequah, Oklahoma for Oct 9,2012.   He is running against democrat Jim Bynum for this seat.  Jim Wilson (democrat) is not running for reelection.

Its agreed that Jim Bynum political signs have flooded the area & that there was no Shaw activity on the ground. Therefore, it’s a safe bet that Bynum is favored to win this election.

Ms. Fish, said that when Shaw spoke in her area, he responded that he did not know what the 10th amendment was; and further indicated that its a mystery as to how he beat out Cyndi McArtor in GOP primary, who was said to be much more articulate & knowledgeable of the issues.

The general election is November 2012. Oklahoma senate district 2 includes Tahlequah & Stillwell Oklahoma.

This interview was videoed at the Armory center in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on October 9, 2012 prior to a political forum sponsored by Tahlequah chamber of commerce.

Howard Houchen (R-OK) for State Senate – Wants Bills to Get Fair Hearing at State Capitol (HR1004)

Howard Houchen is running for Oklahoma state senate (District 5) in 2012 to beat out democrat Jerry Ellis (incumbent).  Since both of these candidates are in different political parties, they will be on ballot in general election in November.

When asked Houchen about his position on open meetings (open government rule) at the state capital, he said that he supported HR1004 petition and that his opponent  Jerry Ellis did not.  There were talks amongst Oklahoma State legislatures about allowing all representatives discuss bills so that it was not left up to the chairman to arbitrarily kill it without discussion.  Then suddenly they decided against it.  Here’s the website that explains the HR1004 petition.

Also Houchen informed me that if Jerry Ellis were to win, that he could not fulfill his full term of office.    Since this was the case with Ellis, Houchen added  that he wanted to give the people a voice throughout the entire legislative process.

Oklahoma State senate district #5 covers the following 5 counties:  Atoka (eastern portion) , Choctaw (entirety), Leflore (southern portion), McCurtain (entirety) and Pushmataha (entirety).

The general election is November 6, 2012.

This interview was done at Oklahoma GOP state convention on May 12, 2012 at Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma.

Howard Houchen contact:
2012 Campaign website:  http://www.houchen2010.wordpress.com
Facebook site:  http://www.facebook.com/howardhouchen
Blog website:  http://www.howardhouchen.com