Calvin, Oklahoma use non-partisan efforts for political candidate participation at its forum

Joyce Sells – coordinator of the meet-the-candidates forum held at Calvin Senior Citizen Center in Calvin, Oklahoma explains how this political forum was put together. I interviewed her after this forum basically because I was curious why no republican candidates were in attendance. Ms. Sells explained that all candidates were invited regardless of party affiliation. She further explained that deliberate & massive effort and methods were used to reach out to all people to attend & participate in this forum. The methods this coordinator used were: publication in newspapers, invitations were sent to all candidates, and posting of fliers.

At this political candidate speaking forum, there was an estimated attendance of little over a hundred people. It appeared to be standing room only.

The candidates who spoke were running for the following offices: Hughes County sheriff, Oklahoma state house of representatives district 18, and Oklahoma state State district 7. There was 1 other politician who spoke who I do not believe is running – Susan Paddack. All candidates & the politicians who spoke were democrats. As already stated, no republican candidates / politicians were present at this forum.

For the political offices for Oklahoma state house of representatives district 18, there is no republican candidate running. The incumbent is Donnie Condit. Carolyn McNatt is challenging him for that seat.

However, for State Senate district 7, there is 1 republican running for that seat, namely Larry Boggs. Since Boggs is the only republican running, he will not be running opposed in the primaries which will be held on June 26, 2012. But, Roger Shirley & J Paul Lane (both democrats) will run in the June 26th primaries against each other & which ever 1 of them wins in that primary will compete against Larry Boggs. This state senate seat is currently held by democrat Richard C. Lerblance, but he is retiring. So 1 of the 3 candidates (Boggs, Shirley & Lane), if victorious, will be a first timer for this state senate district 7 seat.

According to the Oklahoma Sheriff association website, all candidates running for Hughes county sheriff are democrats.

This political candidate speaking event that was held on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 was located at Calvin Senior Citizen Center (Calvin Nutrition Center) in Calvin, Oklahoma.