Oklahoma GOP senate candidate Wayne Shaw dont know what 10th amendment is? For real?

Its been reported that Wayne Shaw, the 2012 GOP candidate for Oklahoma senate district 3, does not know what the 10th amendment is, according to Qadoshyah Fish.   Shaw was a no show at the candidate forum in Tahlequah, Oklahoma for Oct 9,2012.   He is running against democrat Jim Bynum for this seat.  Jim Wilson (democrat) is not running for reelection.

Its agreed that Jim Bynum political signs have flooded the area & that there was no Shaw activity on the ground. Therefore, it’s a safe bet that Bynum is favored to win this election.

Ms. Fish, said that when Shaw spoke in her area, he responded that he did not know what the 10th amendment was; and further indicated that its a mystery as to how he beat out Cyndi McArtor in GOP primary, who was said to be much more articulate & knowledgeable of the issues.

The general election is November 2012. Oklahoma senate district 2 includes Tahlequah & Stillwell Oklahoma.

This interview was videoed at the Armory center in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on October 9, 2012 prior to a political forum sponsored by Tahlequah chamber of commerce.

Election of Rural Water District’s Chairman Disputed. Minutes Not Approved at Annual Meeting

At a January 26, 2012 annual meeting of Hughes County Rural Water District #2 in Stuart Oklahoma, the minutes of 2011 annual meeting that was read by Secretary/Treasurer Janet Frederick were disputed by water customer (member).   After this dispute, membership voted not to approve those minutes until the board of directors  produced the handwritten minutes for the membership to review.    The member disputed the legality of the election of the water district’s chairman – Jim Wilson in reference to term of office.   Secretary of the rural water district read minutes of 2011 annual meeting that mentioned that Jim Wilson was re-elected at a 2011 annual meeting.

Another member – Ronda Talley, at the January 26, 2012 meeting  made motion to not approve the 2011 annual meeting minutes. The motion overwhelming carried to not approve those minutes.

Prior to this January 2012 annual meeting, most of the board of directors told the membership that they did not know when their term of office expired.  Many water customers in this water district had been questioning the legality of the term of office and elections of the district’s board of directors that the board claims to had occurred at an alleged prior meeting.