Oklahoma Townhall Meeting: Elderly Concerns About Mandated “End-Of-Life” Counseling

Elderly at Oklahoma Townhall Meeting
Elderly at Oklahoma Townhall Meeting

An elderly man asked a question regarding government-mandated “end-of-life” counseling at a packed filled town hall meeting held by Senator Coburn (R) in Muskogee, OK on Aug. 13, 2009. He said that he was an organ transplant patient and that he has already made peace with his maker.
He indicated that at this point in his life, HR 3200 (end-of-life counseling) was a mute point. He wanted to know how much of the proposals within the legislative committees mirrored HR 3200.

HR 3200 (section 1233) has provision mandating end-of-life counseling for the elderly & disabled. It is believed that this encourages euthanasia.

Senator Coburn responded that 3200 mandates federal government to get involvement in the lives of the citizens. And its unconstitutional.

there’s no common sense written in the house bill that it reflects a lack of knowledge of what happens in healthcare. (Note: Senator Coburn is also a physician). And that Government should not destroy what is good, in the name of creating a government-run program.

Below is video clip of the elderly concerns about HR 3200