Sheriff candidate Kenny Snyder Blasts Hughes Co. sheriff dept for SLOW to NO RESPONSE time

Kenny Snyder, candidate for County Sheriff blasted Hughes County sheriff dept in Oklahoma for its slow to no response to police calls. This was actually the high points of his presentation at this candidates forum held in Calvin, Oklahoma on June 12, 2012. What further highlighted this was that the 2 sheriff deputies (Doug Sipes & Nolen Grizzle) present at this forum, took swipes at him as they defended the sheriff department as being good responders to police calls.

Snyder also addressed a laundry list of problems that needed to be tackled by the sheriff department – such as thievery and drug problems in Hughes county; & he seemed to have a grass root understanding of the drug traffic & users from a law enforcement perspective in dealing with these matters. He added that the county jail desperately needed to be disinfected.

He did give presentation to the voters in attendance at this forum detailing his law enforcement, military & educational background that qualifies him for the job as county sheriff.

The other candidates for Hughes County sheriff were: Todd Hignite, Nolen Grizzle and Doug Sipes. According to the Oklahoma Sheriff association website, all candidates running for Hughes county sheriff are democrats. One of these 4 men will be the new sheriff of Hughes County, as the current sheriff – Houston Yeager is retiring.

At this political candidate speaking forum, there was an estimated attendance of little over a hundred people. It appeared to be standing room only.

This political candidate speaking event which was held on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 was located at Calvin Senior Citizen Center (Calvin Nutrition Center) in Calvin, Oklahoma.

The primary election is June 26, 2012. Run off is August 28, 2012. General election is November 6, 2012.